I'm Alan

A financial coach based in Woking (home to the War of the Worlds).

I help simplify money so that you can get on with your life.

  • My goal is to be your financial ally. Supporting, guiding and inspiring you to use your money to achieve financial freedom

  • My mission is to help you create a financially happy life on your terms.

What is money for?


Money and wealth brings freedom. To do what you want, when, how, with whom and where you like. 

I believe that money is a bit like oxygen, OK so it’s not precisely like oxygen, but you soon notice when there’s not much around. The more of it you have, the more choices you have. And the more you know about yourself and your money, the better choices you can make.

Financial breathing space
Financial wellbeing

Mind & Body

Money can often be a baffling topic as it’s connected with both physical and psychological aspects of your life.

Things we wish we could spend our money on,  things we want to spend our money on, things we are told we should spend our money on,  things we have to spend our money on and finally things we actually spend our money on.


You can create so many more options in your life with a few key financial changes. How and what you think and do about/with money.  What you know about making, keeping and investing money. Having positive habits around money has the potential to create massive positive change in your life.

Financial Choice
Financially Happy


Being in control of your money will give you a lot more freedom. The ability to spend on the important and fun things in life now, handling life’s ups and downs.  Able to plan for a bright future for you and your family. And making work optional one day are all part of a financial coaches role of helping you become financially happy. 

My career:

So far I have been a 

  • A baker
  •  A civil servant
  • A project manager 
  • An emergency programme manager working in the humanitarian sector. Travelling all over the world, responding to natural and conflict based disasters.

Through these roles, I have managed complex projects and partnerships, including multi-million-pound budgets.

As a result I have a very peculiar set of skills, skills I have acquired over a varied career, life, marriage and now parenting, skills that make me a nightmare in most social situations because I love talking about personal finance. How we make decisions about our money, how our money mindset affects our habits and ultimately what is the purpose of money.

I love talking about it so much my wife now begs that I pretend I collect stamps or go potholing to try and be a bit more varied in my conversation. It’s an ongoing struggle (for her and me).

If you read my blogs and take my money coaching, I will help you become better with money, but I don’t necessarily imagine that you will want to talk about it all the time like I do.

Together we will figure out your life goals, your current reality, your options to get to where you want to be and what to do next. We will also look at what role money will play in this journey.  

For me, financial independence is what we are all trying to do. It’s just that some of us don’t realise this is the ultimate goal, don’t know how to do it or are caught up in a day to day existence.

Many of us have lost our big vision of a brighter future.

We have forgotten what we want most vs what we want right now.

  • I want six-pack abs, but I want cake and kebabs now
  • I want to relax with great friends, but I want to watch endless box sets and update all my social media accounts now and every 5 minutes.
  • I want to be financially happy; actually, I won’t work to be optional so that I can spend my time on my priorities and not someone else’s. But I want a new car, 3 holidays abroad a year and a house in the suburbs kitted out with an internet of things and an Aga, now.

The challenge is that being subjected to endless marketing, including the highlights of all our friends and celebrities’ lifestyles makes us unhappy and want it all Now.

In steps virtually endless easy credit and hey presto we have forgotten what we really wanted and sacrificed our futures for short term immediate gratification.

Many of us have now made a trap for ourselves.

We must keep working to pay off the things we keep buying. We keep wanting more and more now, forgetting our real goal is to be free. To be free to do what we want, when, where, with whom and how we want.

Financial Freedom: This is what I want to help you with, figuring out how you can be Financially Happy now while creating a bright financial future.

Whatever your vision is of your future, money is likely to play a big part in it.

It’s going to be far better that you are in the driving seat and your money is creating a happy, dignified and secure future rather than a looming feeling of fear, dread and anxiety.

Why not give us a call and start building your Financially Happy life now. 

A little bit more background about me.

I am married and have two young children – which means I get little sleep and waking up at 8 am is a luxury. 

In 2019 I completed the ‘Wise Monkey’s Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate Training Course’

I have a BSc in Geography and MSc in poverty reduction and development management. 

Favourite things, James Bond, any curry and coats with lots of pockets.

Weakness’s: Coats with lots of pockets, on sale. 

Favourite phrase: A day without curry is like a day without sunshine.

FAQ about Financial Coaching 


“Throughout my career and travels, I have seen the role that money can play both positively and negatively in people’s lives, making me determined to help as many people as I can become financially happy

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