Financial Life Planning
Plan your way to
Wealth, health & happiness

How would you like to create wealth in every area of your life?

The #1 way to get what you want is to have your own life and financial

Are your current actions leading to the future you want?

Maybe you have hit a midlife slump and are ready for a change 

Possibly your struggling with money and cant see when retirement will be possible

Potentially you have a lot of plans but no idea how to make them happen

Perhaps you lack the clarity and confidence to make real changes

Step into life's fast lane

Accelerate progress towards your
health, wealth and happiness goals with your very own
Life and financial GAME Plan

Picture this – you have created all the money you will ever need to live the lifestyle you have always wanted

Imagine what it would feel like not worrying about money any more

What if you were able to make work optional far sooner than you thought possible

If these sound appealing then you would probably agree you need a plan to make it happen. 

Making change happen
even when you feel you have tried everything

Maybe you have some false beliefs that continue to hold you back: 

Money is the root of all evil and cant make you happy 

You have to have money to make money

You have to be an investing wizard to make money

You have to sell your sole to make serious money

I don’t have the time, energy or money to try anything new

But I’m not an entrepreneur and don’t know the first thing about starting a business!

How many of these beliefs are actually true?
And how many of them are actually helpful to you?
Most likely ZERO

What will you get working with us:

Dedicated time to look into your life and financial goals in a safe, confidential and relaxed environment.

These are some of the outcomes we help our clients work towards

More money

Optimise your savings and investments 

Increase your earning potential by figuring out what needs to change in your current skills.

Helping you create additional sources of income from your skills and experience 

Better money management 

Avoid the big money mistakes.

Detox your finances 

Manage your money better stopping the leaks and finding better deals

Reducing your costs by up to 35%

Save more of your time

A clear plan to achieve what’s important to you asap

Help you to prioritise what really matters and avoid what’s not

Stop worry and anxiety around money 

Take away the pain of money worries

Reduce your anxiety with a clear plan.

Eliminate the feeling of life drifting away

Designing with you a clear strategy to achieve what’s important

Finding your work life balance

Clarity on what to do next eliminating fatigue and procrastination 

Eliminate the stress of

Sleepless nights worrying about what should you do next or where will I find the money from. 

Anxiety about how you will ever achieve and afford the life you want

How you will ever pay off your debts or save towards your goals

Feel more relaxed  

About how you will achieve what’s important to you.

Boosting your self confidence, knowledge, mindset and behaviours to reach your goals.

Help you identify ways to capitalise on your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Simplifying your life by

Helping you discover what’s holding you back and find the motivation to move forward

Creating processes and habits to reach your goals.

Keeping you focused and on track.

Feeling healthier and more alive

Able to concentrate on the good things in life now that your life and money has been planned.

Get on with the things that make you feel alive

Achieve more of what’s important for you now that you are clear on your life priorities.

Find balance in your life.  

Spending more time with friends and family

Helping you have a more considered work-life balance.

Visibly more confident and relaxed about your life and finances.

Becoming your own financial ally to make better life and financial decisions.

G.A.M.E plan
Our FInancial Life planning process

Financial coaching

Exploring & clarifying lifestyle goals


What would you really like to do with your life, now and in the future? 

Would you like to travel, start a family, buy a house, change career and ultimately make work optional? 

What career, health, relationship and lifestyle goals do you want to reach? 

What would you like your money to achieve for you? 


What daily, weekly and yearly habits or actions need to happen to reach your goals?

What internal and external obstacles might you encounter and how will you overcome them?  

Financial coaching

Taking action & overcoming road blocks

Financial coaching

Managing & creating the funds you need


What aspects of your financial management are working and not working for you? 

How could you use your skills, resources and contacts to create another income with your own business plan? 

Could your money be working harder for you? Are you able to cope with any bumps in the road? 

Are you using your money to get the maximum return on life? 



Implement your plan 

Review and revise what’s working and what’s not  to reach your ultimate lifestyle goals

Execute your plan:
Make it happen

With our guidance THE G.A.M.E PLAN is going to give you clarity and direction on your goals the actions, means and execution you need to make them happen. Supporting, guiding and inspiring you. 

Life and Financial Planning is for you if:

You’re tired of treading water and being broke.  

Confused by how best to manage your life and money. 

Frustrated by your lack of progress towards important goals. 

Want to start investing for your future but don’t know where to start or are afraid of making the big mistake

Would like to feel confident you are heading in the right direction

Want to look forward to a bright life and financial future for you and your loves ones

Its not for everyone though if..

You don’t want to take any responsibility or action yourself; you’re going to sit there and wait to be spoon-fed.

You’re looking for product or hot investing tip to get you out of your situation.

You don’t want to be challenged to grow in anyway.

You want someone else to come up with all the answers to your problems  

Based on our tried and tested GAME Plan process we have 3 planning solutions

Financial Freedom starter programme

A 4 step programme where you will go from financial stress and limitations to creating abundance and mastering your money mindset.
Well do this by getting you financially organised, identifying your limiting beliefs around money and replacing them with empowering thoughts as well as proven methods to become financially happy.
£ 49 For the first taster session:
£495 for full package
  • Get financially organised & detox your finances
  • Understand how much is enough to be financially happy and how to get there
  • Start investing and building assets
  • Get out of debt
  • Avoid the big financial mistakes
  • Make a plan to never run out of money
  • Get a better return on your money
  • 4 x 60 minute sessions
  • Make your money back in weeks
  • Email contact and learning exercises between sessions


An 8 step planning programme to build the life you want. Taking you from life and financial inertia to clarity on your best life and how to get there.
We'll do this through our GAME Planning process. Identify your goals, Actions needed to reach them, overcoming obstacles and how to manage and create the resources you need to make it happen.
£ 49 For the first life and financial planning taster session:
£995 for the full package
  • Get a better return on your life and money. Discover what your purpose is
  • Clarity on your Life and financial road map to create wealth in every area of your life
  • A step by step plan to achieve your most important goals, life satisfaction and a worklife balance
  • An 8 step business plan to create an asset worth £50,000 or more in 3 years or less
  • A block buster road map to overcome all your obstacles
  • An accountability partner and financial ally to keep you on the road to success.
  • A minimum of 6 x 90 minute coaching and planning sessions
  • Email contact and learning exercises between sessions

Pay as you go 121 planning sessions

121 sessions on a pay as you go basis 

First session is £49!! 

(The value of this call will far exceed the cost)

Further sessions are £125 per hour. 

Saving, investing and planning the right way

Still not convinced

Then I guess you have 3 options 

1. Carry on as you are and get what you have always got

2. Wait for your luck to change (luck is not a plan though)


3. Set up a free call and see what life and financial transformation looks like

With life and financial planning you will avoid many of life’s dead ends and accelerate yourself towards health, wealth and happiness .

The planning process will help you overcome roadblocks, answering many of the questions that are holding you back.

What are you waiting for? 

Book your financial planning call below

What you will get on your financial planning call
Examples of topics covered

Set up your 60-minute financial planning call here for £49.

We conduct financial planning calls on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Once the payment is received we will send a Calendly link to set up your appointment by ZOOM. 

A safe space to talk about you and your money. What’s going well, not so well and what you can do about it. 

A quick overview of the actions you could take to improve your finances right now. Including ideas to help you save, create and invest more of your money to reach your favourite future sooner. 

Increase your financial knowledge and confidence

Explore where you need to find more balance between your health, wealth and happiness

Find out more about the financial planning process and how it can help you reach your health, wealth and happiness goals. 

An overview of your options to create passive income that makes work optional one day

Ideas how to overcome your greatest blocks and challenges preventing you moving forward.

What’s your greater goal in life, what change do you want to make in the world? What role will your money play in achieving that? 

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