Financial Wellbeing

Happiness, Freedom and Peace of Mind

Invest in personalised financial coaching, planning and support
(keeping you on track towards your goals)

Financial wellbeing UK

The challenge many of us have is having and sticking to a plan

  • Setting and achieving long-term goals is complicated and fraught with distractions
  • Possibly you have a good idea what you want but have no idea how to get there. 
  • Maybe you have tried a few financial tips and tricks but nothing has resulted in real progress. 
  • Perhaps you have lacked the motivation or drive to stick to a long term plan of financial transformation
  • Potentially you are now ready to make a real investment in your life and financial future

Lets make change happen

Life and money can be confusing with endless options and distractions. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a map or ally to help you through the maze, avoid the big mistakes, distractions and make real progress towards your ideal life. 

If you want to achieve wealth in every area of your life you’re going to need a plan, vehicle or solution to get you there. 

Your Bright Financial Future awaits

  • Imagine having a financial ally in your corner supporting guiding and challenging you to make the right financial moves. 
  • Picture yourself relaxed and completely at ease with your money and life knowing that its sorted. 
  • What if you you knew you were on track and could check in with a financial coach whenever you needed. 

What will you get out of annual financial wellbeing support

  • 4 x 60 minute sessions
  • Help with understanding your current financial situation. 
  • An ally to help you with the knowledge, mindset and behaviours needed to win at money. 
  • A place to review your lifestyle goals and develop an action plan to reach them
  • A place to understand how to make the most of your money, saving it, investing it and spending it. 
  • Understanding investments and risk. 
  • An accountability partner to help keep you on the right track towards your goals
  • Lifetime cash flow planning to help you picture what money is needed and when
  • Ongoing email support throughout the year.

Yearly Financial Wellbeing support

Life Changing Financial Support
£ 45 Monthly fee or £450 per year
  • Dream big, plan and action your ideal life now
  • Figure out money and how to use it for what you want most in life
  • Take the stress out of money with ongoing support and guidance
  • Your own financial ally

Still not convinced

Then I guess you have 3 options 

1. Carry on the way you have always been carrying on and see how that goes (how’s it gone so far?)

2. Wait for your luck to change (but luck is not a strategy)


3. Set up a free call and see what life and financial transformation looks like – did I say it was free! 

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

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