Financial Freedom and self-help 

Some of the things we have come across that might be of use on your journey to financial freedom

Financial Freedom Self-help Resources

Great books that we have read

All of these books have some great takeaways to help you develop your mindset, knowledge and habits around health, wealth or lifestyle. Whether this is earning, saving or investing your time, money or energy. 

You can get many of these free at your local library, second hand or brand new at Amazon or eBay 

Warning some of these are self-help books that might help you. Be careful they may set you on a journey to Financial Freedom. 

Think and Grow Rich

Although written some time ago with some dated language this book really is good at looking into your desires and definiteness of purpose to achieve what you want.

The 4-Hour Work Week

Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich: By Tim Ferriss. This can be a bit of chalk and cheese book to many but for a completely new way of looking at the way you might work i.e. exchanging time for money, it’s not a bad start. Shows you how you can set up systems to earn you money automatically. Which is nice. 

The Richest Man in Babylon

Beloved by millions, George S. Clason’s classic business book reveals the financial freedom principles that hold the key to personal wealth: If you can get over the old-world style i.e. a bit this and thou, it is a fantastic book on the basic principles of wealth building. Its written in a story style so easier to follow than some straight personal finance books. Quite enlightening how some of the most simple concepts have been overlooked by so many. Well worth a read. 

Your Money or Your Life , 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence

The seminal guide to the new morality of personal money management” (Los Angeles Times(on the first edition)                                      Considered by many as the first book on financial independence and early retirement. A classic book on working out what matters most, the cost of work and how to make a life you really want and not just a living.  A great book on figuring out whats important and how to use your life energy to achieve it. 

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