I’m Alan, a financial planning coach.

A financial planning coach based in Woking, Surrey, UK

Turning Your Financial Stress into Financial Happiness

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Transforming Lives, One Financial Plan at a Time

I started Financially Happy Coaching with a simple mission: to help people find joy and fulfilment through financial well-being. I discovered the transformative power of financial happiness after years of navigating the ups and downs of personal finance.

Doing Good While Doing Well

Before (and still now) founding Financially Happy Coaching, I had a fulfilling career in the charity sector, working with esteemed organisations like CARE International and CAFOD. The experience was enriching but also eye-opening. It revealed the unique financial challenges faced by those who dedicate their lives to doing good—modest salaries, squiggly careers = numerous pensions and the constant juggle between fulfilling work and financial stability.

This led to a new mission: to help people in the charity sector and beyond find the balance between having an impactful career and managing money well. Whether you’re looking to untangle the web of pensions and savings from a varied career, needing a plan in place or contemplating a career pivot, I’m here to guide you.

I aim to take the stress and guilt out of personal finance (make it fun and exciting!), empowering you to live your rich life now and making paid work optional one day. You don’t have to feel guilty about earning money; you have to know how to manage it well for a long and happy life.

The Financially Happy Philosophy

We believe that financial happiness is not just about numbers; it’s a state of well-being where money serves as a tool to achieve your dreams, rather than a source of stress. Our philosophy is built on four pillars:

Mindfulness 🌱: Being aware of your financial choices.

Sustainability 🌳: Making long-term beneficial financial decisions.

Flexibility 🤸: Adapting to life’s financial uncertainties.

Fulfilment 🌈: Achieving financial goals that bring joy and meaning.

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What my financial coaching clients are saying

Friendly, supportive and empowering

Alan is a friendly, supportive, and empowering financial coach and guide; offering the tools and clear direction necessary to understand your financial circumstances, an optimised and realistic future, and the route between the two. Alan has enabled me to be able to make informed choices with confidence,

Hugely helpful!

Working with Alan has been hugely helpful in helping me better understand how I can take better control of my finances. I especially appreciate the focus on helping us become financially literate so that we can manage these things for ourselves in the future. Thanks so much Alan.

Made money less of a mystery!

Alan delivered an informative and engaging session to staff in our organisation. It was so good that we are having him back again! Feedback from our staff members included that the session was informative and that it made money less of a mystery. Alan’s approach helped reveal a way of thinking around money that links it to how it can give you the freedom to reach your overall life plans and goals.
HR Advisor 
HR advisor London Charity


Alan’s advice was invaluable. He gave me clear and straightforward suggestions about my financial wellbeing. One of his great skills is listening and understanding what may help his client even when the client is unsure. I would very happily go to Alan again if I needed financial help.

Far more confident with my finances!

I would highly recommend Alan for financial advice. He helped me understand the often baffling world of finances in an accessible and digestible way. As a result of his advice, I feel far more confident in my finances and my future financial security.

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