I'm Alan

A financial life planner & coach UK Woking, Surrey.

I help simplify money so that you can get on with your life.

My goal is to help you make the most of your life not just your money. 

Supporting guiding and challenging you to achieve more of what’s important to you. 

My passion and purpose is helping you create wealth in every area of your life.

Not just your bank balance. 

Designing, planning and achieving great things.

Financial Life planner
& Coach

My Career so far

  • A baker
  •  A civil servant
  • A project manager 
  • A humanitarian emergency manager. Supporting projects and partnerships around the world.

As a result I have a very peculiar set of skills, skills acquired over a varied career and life. Skills that make me a nightmare in most social situations because I love talking about life planning and personal finance. 

Over 13 years in the humanitarian sector I realised that although I and many people were not in it for the money we did actually need to think about money as one day we would not be able to or want to do this anymore. 

Reaching your 40’s also helps clarify that “oh yes, I think that one day I would like work to be optional and the sooner the better”

Whether you believe money is the root of all evil or greed is good money is going to play a big part in your life. 

Why not make sure that the way you earn, save, spend and invest money is for the better, for you now and in the future.  

When I talk about being financially happy I know those words can mean a variety of things to different people. 

What I mean by being financially happy is a combination of happiness, pleasure, peace of mind, joy and achieving more of what matters to you. The key is not to get to hung up on a  particular word but the overall spirit of creating wealth in every area of your life and not just your bank balance. 

Whatever line of work your in your going to need a plan to make work optional one day , live now and retire with dignity, independence and security. 

What do you want to achieve in life, be, do and have? 

What do you want your money to achieve for you?

What do you want your life and finances to look like now and in the future?

What does your ideal life look like and how are you going to get there? 

I love talking about it so much my wife now begs that I pretend I collect stamps to try and be a bit more varied in my conversation. It’s an ongoing struggle (for me and her).

Financial Freedom: This is what I want to help you with, figuring out how you can be Financially Happy now while creating your ideal lifestyle.

Whatever your vision is of your future, money is likely to play a big part in it.

It’s going to be far better that you are in the driving seat creating a happy, dignified and secure future for yourself and loved ones. 

Why not set up a call and start creating your Financially free life now. 

Why work with me

I’ve been an investor for 20+ years now through highs and lows. 

Learnt what not to do and what sound saving, investing and planning looks like. 

I’ve read countless books, listened to countless podcasts and programmes how to become financially free (so that you don’t have to) and applied this to my life. 

The result of which is that full time work has now become optional (and one day soon fulltime work also). 

If you would like to learn and plan how to do this yourself then why not set up a call? 

I have a background in planning and sound personal financial practices.

I do not have a financial sales background which means I am not linked to or incentivised by selling any products.

What I help people with is planning and how to create wealth in every area of their life not just their bank balance. 

I might not know the answer to every possible question you have regarding life and financial planning but I do know how to find the answer. 

I am a member of the Academy of Life Planning Limited and an accredited – GAME Plan practitioner

In 2019 I trained with Simonne Gnesson the UK’s leading financial coach to become a financial coach

A little bit more background about me.

I am married and have two young children – which means I get little sleep and waking up at 8 am is a luxury. 

I have a BSc in Geography and MSc in poverty reduction and development management. 

FAQ about Financial Coaching 

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“Throughout my career and travels, I have seen the role that money can play both positively and negatively in people’s lives, making me determined to help as many people as I can become financially happy

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