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What is financial coaching?

What is financial coaching
What is financial coaching? Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

More or less all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about financial coaching

What is a financial planning coach and what do they do?

A financial planning coach is a professional who helps individuals and families create and implement a comprehensive financial plan. They work with clients to set financial goals, create a budget, and develop strategies for saving and investing. They can also help clients manage debt, plan for retirement, and prepare for unexpected expenses.

As a financial planning coach, I can help you with the following:

Understand your current financial situation: help you understand your income, expenses, assets and liabilities and will help you identify your current financial strengths and weaknesses.

Set and reach financial goals: help you set realistic and specific financial goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house or paying off credit card debt.

Create a budget: help you create a budget that aligns with your goals and spending habits.

Investing: help you develop a plan for investing your money to help it grow and be ready for your future goals.

Prepare for unexpected expenses: help you create an emergency fund and plan for unexpected expenses, such as job loss or medical bills.

Retirement planning: help you plan for retirement and make sure you have enough money saved to support your lifestyle during retirement.

Insurance: help you review your insurance policies and ensure adequate coverage to protect your assets and family.

Tax planning: help you understand how your financial decisions affect your taxes and how to minimize your tax liability.

Money mindset: Help you develop your mindset around money and how to overcome money worries and financial roadblocks

Building and creating wealth: Helping you unlock your skills and assets towards financial independence and financial freedom
As a Financial planning coach, I work with a wide range of clients, from those who are just starting to save money to those nearing retirement—working with individuals, families and small business owners.

What’s the difference between life planning and financial coaching?

Life planning is a holistic process to look at all areas of your life and how to create wealth across them. 

In our GAME Plan process we look at your Goals, the Actions you need to reach them, the Means you have and need to create and then how to Execute your plan. 

The whole process is about planning to understand ideal life, overcome obstacles and reach your goals. 

Financial coaching concentrates mainly on just your finances. 

We may work on just one or a number of topics but they are generally limited to your financial health and not necessarily your life’s health.  

What is financial coaching?

We often see coaches for all kinds of things, sports, business, and even marriage. But money seems to be a thing everyone uses but have very rarely had any education or coaching in. Did anyone sit with you to help you think, manage and plan money? Well, that’s what our financial coaching does. How money fits in with all aspects of your life. And how to use it to reach your goals. We help you explore what money is for, for you.

How many regular appointments do you have for maintenance on all sorts of things? Your car, teeth, hair, garden and fitness.
Surely you should have regular check-ups on your financial fitness? How you manage, plan and use one of the most important resources in your life.

Financial coaching is the process of supporting, guiding and challenging you to set out a clear vision of what a good life looks to you and how to go about making it happen.

What’s the difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor?

Financial Coach vs Financial Adviser: The Key Differences 🤔🔑
Navigating the world of personal finance can be like walking through a maze. You might wonder whether you need a financial coach or a financial adviser to guide you. While both aim to improve your financial well-being, they serve distinct roles and offer different services. Here’s how they differ:

Focus and Approach 🎯
Financial Coach
: Primarily educates you on the basics of personal finance, such as budgeting, saving, and debt management. The goal is empowerment and behavioural change.
Financial Adviser: Specialises in offering specific investment advice, portfolio management, and complex financial planning like estate planning and tax optimisation.

Qualifications and Regulation 📜
Financial Coach
: May or may not hold formal financial qualifications. Their strength lies in their ability to teach and guide.
Financial Adviser: Typically holds professional qualifications and is regulated by financial authorities. In the UK, they’re often regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Services Offered 🛠️
Financial Coach
: Focuses on education, goal-setting, accountability, and emotional support. They don’t recommend specific financial products.
Financial Adviser: Provides tailored investment strategies and financial products based on your financial situation, risk tolerance, and objectives.

Long-Term Planning 🗓️
Financial Coach
: Helps you build lifelong financial skills and habits, equipping you for long-term financial stability.
Financial Adviser: Concentrates on long-term wealth accumulation and management, often through investments and other financial products.

Client Relationship 🤝
Financial Coach
: Offers a more holistic approach, focusing on your overall financial health and lifestyle. The relationship is often ongoing.
Financial Adviser: The relationship is generally more transactional, focusing on specific financial tasks and goals.

Fee Structure 💷
Financial Coach
: Usually charges a flat fee or hourly rate for their educational and mentoring services.
Financial Adviser: Fees may be based on a percentage of assets managed, a flat fee, or a combination of both.

In summary, a financial coach is your go-to for learning the skills and habits you need to manage your finances effectively. A financial adviser, on the other hand, is the expert you consult for specific investment advice and complex financial planning. Choosing between the two depends on your individual needs, goals, and where you are in your financial journey. 🌟💷

Will financial planning & coaching work for me?

Yes, the principles and processes will work for nearly anyone.
Nearly anyone as you need to be

Coachable, Motivated, Action orientated and have a Positive Outlook

So providing you are willing to imagine and then work on your life and financial goals, money habits and money mindset you will see a transformation in your life & financial fitness.

The processes we will share with you are proven to grow life & financial confidence while reducing money stress.
The strategies and tactics are universal in that they will work for you no matter what your background is as long as you do the work.

The support and guidance we provide can be acted on quickly and will start having an impact as soon as you start using it.
Undoubtedly when things are new they can seem complicated. Working with you will ensure that everything we talk about is easy to implement.

The positive impacts of financial coaching will be long-lasting. The results of our coaching will continue to compound your wealth, financial stability and financial peace of mind.

Value for money
– what value would you put on being financially happy, stress free and reaching your life goals? Surely it would be priceless. The cost of the coaching will be more than recouped in some of the cost-saving exercises and the knowledge and money habits you will take forward into your life.

You had faith in your driving instructor or your teacher to help you pass your exams. We are asking that you have this level of faith in the financial coaching process. If you put in the effort, ask for help or clarifications when you need it and keep an open mindset about money, which will dramatically affect your financial future.

It might not work for you if you want to find out what product to buy (bank account, ISA, SIPP or investment fund).
(Debt: If you are in debt crisis or need debt advice then it may be more appropriate that you approach debt specialists like Stepchange or The money advice service)

Will you be trying to sell me things?

Our role is to work with you to help you reach your financial goals. 
We will be your critical friend and financial ally. 

We may inform you of other providers if we think there is a fit, but it will be your choice if you take up any offer. 

What does a financial planning & coaching session look like?

A planning & coaching session lasts about an hour where we help you make plans to achieve your goals, review where you are right now, consider your options and then set an action plan.

Topics we might cover over a number of financial planning & coaching sessions will include practical, behavioural, educational and planning aspects of the below areas;
What’s your big dream? 

What do you really really want? And how can we get you there with a bit of lifestyle financial planning

What actions might you need to take to overcome internal and external blockages and challenges and what questions do you need to find answers to?  

What Means do you currently have or need to create to reach your goals? What skills, experience or resources do you have that can be turned into a business or income source? 

Money management. Where does it all go and are you happy about that? What’s coming in and how much of that do you keep? What ways can you spend and save your money in better ways?  Let’s get your money organised. 

Your net worth and how to grow it. How much money do you have and where is it? After adding up everything you own and owe what are you left with? Let’s grow that stash to reach your lifestyle goals. 

How much is enough? How to figure out and plan your ideal lifestyle with a bit of lifestyle financial planning. How much is enough for you to make work optional? Go on that world trip? Pivot your career or lifestyle? Lets work it out

Avoiding disaster and reducing stress. How to protect yourself from bumps in the road, build an emergency fund and prepare for when things go wrong.

Money mindset: What beliefs and habits you have and how they affect what you earn, keep and spend your money on. We cover your past, current and future money stories to figure out how and where to go next. 

Debt. The good (?) the bad and the ugly.  What you might do with the debt you currently have and how to avoid it in the future.

Investing for beginners and more seasoned investors. Once you have your finances under control, an emergency fund and protections against disaster in place what next to meet your lifestyle goals? How to start investing the simple way. Without all the hassle of worry which stock to buy or sell all the time. 

How to retire early or make work optional. How to make work optional much earlier than 65! (if that’s of interest?)

How many sessions do I need?

Generally, we work together throughout 4, 6 or 9 sessions.  Depending on where you are now and where you want to get to. That maybe enough or further sessions may be useful. We can also look into yearly catch-ups to see how things are going.  We should get an idea of this through the initial planning session.

What will I get out of financial planning and coaching?

Through financial planning and coaching, you can set your life in the direction you have always wanted to go in. Achieving more of what’s important to you.

You will be able to build your life and financial knowledge, money mindset, and financial habits reducing your life and money stress. Helping you tackle and overcome your greatest life and money worries. Together we can put a plan to create wealth in every area of your life. 

Reduced money stress knowing that you are finally taking action. and getting better with money.

Clarity on how to reach your life’s goals and make your finances
Dedicated time and space to look into your current life and financial situation and future goals

Access to an impartial sounding board on personal finance and financial freedom.

A clear vision of what a good life looks like to you and how to get it. 

An action plan with clear steps to start your journey to financial freedom.

A critical friend and financial ally to help guide, support and challenge you along the way.

Is a financial coach worth it?

Whether or not a financial coach is worth it depends on your situation and needs. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not to work with a financial coach:

Your level of financial knowledge: If you are new to budgeting, saving, and investing, a financial coach can help you develop the skills you need to manage your money effectively.

Your current financial situation: If you are struggling to make ends meet or are dealing with high levels of debt, a financial coach can help you create a plan for getting out of debt and achieving financial stability.

Your financial goals: If you have specific financial goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house or planning for retirement, a financial coach can help you develop a plan for achieving these goals.

Your motivation: A financial coach can provide accountability and motivation to help you stay on track and progress towards your financial goals, but you must also be motivated to work on your finances.

Cost: Financial coaching can be expensive, and it’s important to consider the cost and whether or not it fits within your budget.

A financial coach can be a valuable resource if you want to improve your financial situation and achieve your financial goals. Additionally, having a financial coach is not a one-time solution but a continuous process, it’s important to be committed and to review and adjust the plan regularly

What does a financial coach do for you?🤝💷

A financial coach is like the co-pilot on your journey towards financial well-being. They don’t take over the controls but guide you in navigating through the often turbulent skies of personal finance. Here’s a breakdown of what a financial coach can do for you:

Education and Skill-Building 📚
A financial coach educates you on the fundamentals of personal finance. They break down complex topics like budgeting, saving, and investing into easy-to-understand terms, equipping you with the skills you need to manage your money effectively.

Goal Identification and Planning 🎯
Your financial coach helps you identify your financial goals, whether it’s buying a home, saving for retirement, or building an emergency fund. Once these goals are set, they assist you in developing a tailored action plan to achieve them.

Accountability and Tracking 📊
One of the most valuable aspects of financial coaching is accountability. Your coach will regularly check in on your progress, offering constructive feedback and making adjustments to your financial plan as needed.

Emotional Support 🤗
Managing finances can be emotionally taxing. A financial coach provides the emotional support and encouragement you need to navigate financial challenges and setbacks, helping you maintain a balanced approach to money management.

Customised Financial Strategies 🛠️
Every individual’s financial situation is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Your financial coach will offer customised advice and strategies tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Long-Term Financial Planning 📅
A financial coach isn’t just concerned with your immediate financial situation; they also help you plan for the long term. They guide you through setting up emergency funds, retirement accounts, and other long-term financial strategies to ensure you’re prepared for the future.

Financial Tools and Resources 📝
Your coach will introduce you to various tools and resources that can make managing your finances easier. This could range from budgeting apps to spreadsheets that help you track your income, expenses, and savings.

In summary, a financial coach serves as your personal finance mentor, providing you with the education, tools, and emotional support you need to take control of your financial destiny. They empower you to make informed decisions, helping you achieve both your short-term and long-term financial goals. 🌟💷

What is Financial Planning Coaching? 🤔💡

Financial Planning Coaching is a specialised subset of financial coaching that zeroes in on creating a comprehensive financial plan for your life. It’s not just about budgeting for the month or saving for a holiday; it’s about crafting a long-term strategy that aligns with your life goals, financial aspirations, and even your values. Here’s what it entails:

Comprehensive Assessment 📋
A financial planning coach starts by conducting a thorough review of your current financial situation. This includes income, expenses, debts, assets, and any existing financial plans or investments.

Goal Setting 🎯
The coach helps you identify and articulate your financial goals, both short-term and long-term. This could range from buying a home to planning for retirement or even setting up a charitable foundation.

Action Plan 🗺️
Based on your goals and current financial status, the coach develops a detailed action plan. This plan outlines the steps you need to take, the milestones to aim for, and the resources you’ll need.

Investment Guidance 📈
While they won’t offer specific investment advice like a financial adviser, a financial planning coach will guide you on the types of investments that align with your goals and risk tolerance.

Risk Management 🛡️
A good financial plan isn’t just about growth; it’s also about protection. Your coach will discuss options for insurance, emergency funds, and other risk management strategies.

Accountability and Review 🔄
The coach holds you accountable for implementing your financial plan. Regular check-ins and reviews ensure that you’re on track and allow for adjustments as your life circumstances change.

Tax and Estate Planning 🏦
Though not a substitute for a tax adviser or estate planner, a financial planning coach can provide general guidance on how these elements fit into your overall financial plan.

Behavioural Coaching 🧠
Financial decisions are often influenced by emotions and psychology. A financial planning coach helps you understand these behavioural aspects, guiding you towards rational and beneficial financial choices.

In essence, financial planning coaching is a holistic approach to your financial well-being. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about aligning your financial practices with your life goals and values, giving you not just wealth, but also peace of mind. 🌟💷

Can you predict the future?

Can you tell me exactly what/where the below will be in …..fill in the blank years?

Interest rates – No and no one can

The stock market – No and no one can

The economy – No and no one can

What we do is help you figure out what your life goals are and how money interacts with these. We work out with you what your options might be to achieve these goals. We then help you to figure out what money habits, mindset, financial education or financial services you might need to reach your goals asap. 

Will Financial planning and coaching make me more attractive?

Probably, but difficult to prove; being more confident around money and having a clearer picture of your goals is bound to be attractive to someone.  Good luck out there. 

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