Essential Life planning

Happiness, Freedom and Peace of Mind

Is it time to start planning the life you want?
(Or wait to see what someone else has planned for you?)

essential life planning
Plan and Live the life you've always wanted

The challenge many of us have in essential life planning

  • Setting and achieving long-term goals is complicated and fraught with distractions
  • Possibly you are going through a mid life slump and wondering what is next
  • Maybe your tired of your current day to day life and would like to see and feel radical transformation
  • Perhaps you have lacked the confidence to make changes before because you dont know where to start. 
  • Potentially you are now ready to make a real investment in your life and financial future

Life and money can be confusing with endless options and distractions. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a map or guide to help you through the maze, avoid the big mistakes, distractions and make real progress towards your ideal life. 

If you want to achieve wealth in every area of your life you’re going to need a plan, vehicle or solution to get you there.  

Your Bright Financial Future awaits

  • Imagine yourself with enough money to live your fullest life aligned with your values
  • Picture yourself on a beach relaxed and completely at ease with your money and life. 
  • What if you had a enough money, time and freedom to achieve your most important goals. 



G.A.M.E plan
FInancial Life planning process

Each session and client is different but by using The G.A.M.E PLAN process together we are able to create wealth in every area of your life

Financial coaching


GOALs: Exploring lifestyle goals

What would you really like to do with your life, now and in the future? Would you like to travel, start a family, buy a house, change career and ultimately make work optional? What role will money play in these goals?

What would you like your money to achieve for you? 


ACTIONS: What needs to happen

What daily, weekly and yearly habits or actions need to happen to reach your goals? What obstacles will you meet on the way and how can you overcome them?

Financial coaching
Financial coaching


MEANS: What resources do you have and need

What could you do to get to where you want to be? 

Could you create another income with your own business plan? 

Could your money be working harder for you? Are you able to cope with any bumps in the road? 

Are you using your money to get the maximum return on life? 


Execution: Create your ideal life

What do you love doing? What do you have skills and experience in? What will people pay you for?

What does the world need that you have discovered or have a new angle on? 

Lets make it happen.

With our guidance THE G.A.M.E PLAN is going to give you the actions, means and execution you need to make informed choices and reach your life goals. Supporting, guiding and inspiring you. 

THE G.A.M.E PLAN is for you if you want to:

  • Dream big, plan and achieve amazing things in your life. 
  • Take action on creating wealth in every area of your life
  • Improve your knowledge, mindset and behaviours around money and personal growth
  • Align your finances with your values and lifestyle goals
  • Design a plan to guide you through your life choices and prevent your life drifting any further. 
  • Secure your and your loved ones future by creating financial assets
  • Always have enough money, reduce your risks, get organised, achieve and or maintain your desired lifestyle. 
  • Make a serious investment in reaching your best life yet

How we will work together

  • 6  sessions up to 12 hours looking at the areas of your life you want growth and change in. 
  • We’ll plan the things you want to achieve, what its going to cost and where the money will come from.
  • We’ll take a look at your finances and undertake lifetime cash flow planning 
  • We’ll look at all the things that might get in your way and how to overcome them
  • Helping you create wealth through employment or a side hustle with a mini business plan. 
  • There may be coaching session worksheets or reading to complete before and after each session to help cement your financial life transformation. 
  • Coaching sessions can be spaced out twice weekly or monthly to suit you. 

What will you get

  • Dedicated time with your financial ally to talk through your challenges, road blocks and how to find solutions to them. 
  • Your own bespoke life plan detailing what you want to achieve and how to get there
  • A clear vision of your purpose in life and how this fits into your other life commitments 
  • Your questions answered around saving, investing and protecting yourself from disaster.
  • Your questions answered around how much you need to retire or make work optional 
  • Clarity on your Ikigai = reason for being: what you love doing, what you have skills in, what the world needs and what people will pay you for. 
  • A plan to never run out of money and always have enough including with your own business idea. 


Life Changing Planning
£ 1295 -1495
  • Dream big, plan and action your ideal life now
  • More happiness, freedom and peace of mind
  • Figure out money and how to use it for what you want most in life
  • Overcome the hurdles in your way
  • A step by step process to reach your goals

Still not convinced

Then I guess you have 3 options 

1. Carry on the way you have always been carrying on and see how that goes (how’s it gone so far?)

2. Wait for your luck to change (but luck is not a strategy)


3. Set up a free call and see what life and financial transformation looks like – did I say it was free! 

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

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