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I help mid career professionals create more money, time and happiness in their lives.

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About me

Hello, I'm Alan,

a financial coach based in Woking, Surrey

Hello! I’m Alan, your friendly life and financial planner & coach. 

Life is complicated enough without worrying about money as well. 

How you use the money that comes into your life can create stability and security or the opposite. 

How can you start saving, investing and creating more wealth while avoiding the big mistakes? 

Having the vision, mindset and skills to plan and manage your money better will play a key role in achieving wealth, health and happiness. 

Together, we’ll simplify your finances so you can get on with your life, stop making
money mistakes and look forward to a bright, happy future.

Say a hearty hello to financial stability and all the money and life skills management skills you wish you’d had for years. .

Create wealth in every area of your life

Financial Coaching For Mid career professionals

Free yourself of money worries.
Be money happy!

Wave goodbye to money stress and financial anxiety

Financial Coaching For Companies & their teams

Money wellbeing for staff

Build your staff’s financial confidence to reduce their money anxieties and you boost their concentration and focus

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