I help people become financially happy.

So that you can use your money on the fun and important things in life. Build wealth, avoid disaster and plan for a fantastic future. 

make money work for you

Financial Coaching For Couples and Individuals

that would like to be financially happy

We help individuals and couples figure out how money can make them happy.

Financial Coaching For wellbeing in the workplace

For companies that would like their staff to be financially happy

We help your staff become financially happy. Improving confidence, concentration and focus while at work.

About me

Hello, I'm Alan,

a financial coach based in Woking (home to the War of the Worlds)

As a Financial Coach I help simplify money so that you can get on with your life. Avoid disaster and plan for a bright future. 

My goal is to help rid you of money phobias through financial coaching one step at a time. My mission is to help you create a financially happy life.

I want to help you become financially free on your terms. 


Financial Coach

Steve UK

Alan is a friendly, supportive and empowering financial coach and guide; offering the tools and clear direction necessary to understand your financial circumstances, an optimised and realistic future and the route between the two. Alan has enabled me to be able to make informed choices with confidence "

Financial Coach

Workshop participant

I really enjoyed the "what do I want to achieve exercise". All the presentation was very accessible and very helpful to have extra resources to refer to. Thank you and nice shirt!!

Financial Coach

HR Adviser

Alan delivered an informative and engaging session to staff in our organisation. It was so good that we are having him back again! Feedback from our staff members included that the session was informative and that it made money less of a mystery. Alan’s approach helped reveal a way of thinking around money that links it to how it can give you the freedom to reach your overall life plans and goals.

Latest Articles

How to manage money

How to manage money

Learning how to manage money will play a key role in achieving a good life and your goals. Apply these building blocks will set you up for financial success

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How to save money fast

How to save money fast

So the first thing to think about when you want to save money fast is why you want to save money in the first place. Once you know why and how will become easier.

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Someday Isle sort out my finances

Someday Isle sort out my finances

Sorting our your finances needn't be painful. Having a vision of your ideal life will help guide you on how to better manage your time and money. Saving and investing with a long term vision in mind is the key to becoming financially happy and sorting out your finances.

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How to prepare for a recession

How to prepare for a recession

Every 3 -4 years many people seem to forget there is a recession every 3-4 years. So, it might be an idea to understand how to prepare for a downturn because one is always going to come sometime in the future.

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