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Are you always worried about money?
No idea how to save and build wealth for your future?
No savings or investments to fall back on now or in retirement?

Want to move to a place of financial stability?
Able to build wealth for your favourite future?
Plan for financial freedom and make work optional?

About me

Hello, I'm Alan,

your friendly financial life planner based in Woking, Surrey

Life is complicated enough without worrying about money as well. 

How you use the money that comes into your life can create stability and security or the opposite. 

How can you start saving, investing and creating more wealth while avoiding the big mistakes? 

Having the vision, mindset and skills to plan and manage your money better will play a key role in achieving wealth, health and happiness. 

Together, we’ll simplify your finances so you can get on with your life, stop making money mistakes and look forward to a bright, happy future.

Say a hearty hello to  all the life and money management skills you wish you’d had for years. .

Here's how I'll be your financial ally

  • Getting you financially organised – pulling out the shoe box of dread and sorting out where all your money is
  • Supporting and guiding you on the principles of building wealth. Simplyfing the wealth building process.
  • Removing financial stress and worry about money by creating a clear plan for financial stability. 
  • Helping you avoid the big mistakes -get rich quick schemes – scammers and the high fees of financial salespeople. 
  • Helping you create your own bespoke wealth plan looking and the building blocks of property, shares and businesses (including creating your own) 
  • Help you work out how much is enough. Enough to not need to work anymore
  • Help you create your own side hustle to increase your income
  • Help you find ways to save more and manage your money better and save more. 
  • Demystifying all the financial jargon out there
  • Taking the fear and mystery out of money and investing. Helping you get started on low cost investing. 
  • Helping you detox your finances and find ways to keep more of your money.
  • A safe place to talk about money without a sales agenda

Helping you find your fastest path to FIRE Financial Independence Retire Early

Fat Fire, Coast Fire, Barista fire, Lean Fire, Slow Fire

Supporting and guiding you to find your Ikigai
- Something your good at
- You love doing
- The world needs
- You can get paid for

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