Best books on financial freedom. 4 books to get you on your way.

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Best books on financial freedom to set you on the right path

The best books on financial freedom aren’t just about money but also about mindset and behaviors.

Obviously, they do talk about money, how to manage it, spend, save and how to earn or create more. 

The number side of the problem is a maths problem that has clear numbers to make it happen. You need to save and invest X over given period to reach Y. 

However, without some exploration of your motivations, mindset and behaviours around how you achieve your freedom, you might find you keep slipping back into your old ways

Remember what got you here won’t get you there. 

Have a look below at some of the best financial freedom books which might help catapult you toward your own financial freedom

If you cant be bothered to read them you can of course get them read to you by the author with audible. 

This is a story of how a 27-year-old set themselves free from the 9-5 by creating multiple sources of passive income

Let’s not pretend there wasn’t a lot of work in setting these up, including rental properties, T-shirt printing, and writing her own book. 

Lots of ideas here on how you might do something like this yourself.

Whether you trying to retire early or not a little bit of extra income might go a long way.  

If your looking for a UK-focused book this is the one for you. 

Written for the mid-career professional it looks at how to reset your life in a number of ways but especially your towards early retirement. 

It covers how to figure out your freedom number and then how to reach it through low-cost index investing

Initially quite focused on what appears to be quiet well-paid careerists, especially marketing. There is enough in there to apply to anyone’s career and a reset of your life and finances. 

This is a great book on the broad overview of the what and how of starting a freedom business. 

It looks at a variety of online business that people can start to build up to the moment to make work optional one day. 

It doesn’t go into a lot of detail on each option but just enough to figure out if its for you and what your first few steps might be. 

If you wanted an introduction to freedom lifestyle businesses this is a good place to start. 

This is a great book on financial independence, often considered one of the first in this area. 

This updated version covers the 9 steps to transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence

There are great sections on getting you to think about what money means to you and how your feelings about money can lead you astray

One of the steps goes into great detail looking at what exactly the work is costing you. Yes, that’s right what your job is costing you!

If you wanted to read about becoming financially free this might be the one for you. 

One or more of these books about financial freedom is likely to be a great boost to your knowledge and insight into what your options for financial freedom might be. 

If reading these books on financial freedom feels like hard work why not set up a call with us. We can save you all the time needed to read books on financial freedom in our 121 planning and coaching sessions. 

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