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Can anyone help me with money? 3 ways to get help with your money right now.

Yes! Everyone can help themselves with money by creating a budget and sticking to it.

When it comes to your finances, it’s important to be proactive and take control. One way to do this is by creating a budget. A budget will help you understand where your money is going each month, so you can identify areas where you might be able to save.

Take some time to sit down and map out your income and expenses. Be realistic in what you include – don’t forget things like groceries, transportation, and utilities.

Once you have a good sense of what your regular costs are, try to find ways to reduce them. There might be small changes that you can make, like brown-bagging your lunch instead of buying it every day.

Once you have your budget created, the next step is to stick to it. This can be difficult, especially if you are used to spending without thinking about it. But if you commit to tracking your spending and sticking to your budget, you will be on your way to better financial health.

Read on to hear 3 ways you can get help with money.

Can anyone help me with money?
Yes please help me!

1. Do it yourself

The first person that can help you immediately is yourself.

Figure out what is going on with your money

Where is it all going? Not where you think it is going but where it is actually going.

A straightforward but effective way to track your money is to use the Japanese method of Kakeibo.

Start budgeting

The Kakeibo method of budgeting is all about tracking what comes in and goes out.

The vital part here is that you take control of your finances by making conscious decisions over where you want your money to go—then seeing if you can do better next month.

The Kakeibo method has four main pillars

  1. How much money do you have?
  2. How much would you like to save?
  3. How much do you spend?
  4. How can you make things better?

Kakeibo budgeting separates your money into four distinct categories

  1. Expenses on living
  2. Culture and education
  3. Entertainment
  4. Others

You can decide the ratio between categories, but you need to keep within your income or money.

You track this process with a couple of notebooks

  1. To track your income and plan your spending needs and wants.
  2. The other to track day to day expenses. And it means every penny spent.

Everything about earning and spending your money gets put in one or other of the books.

At the end of each month, you do your calculations in the first book to see how you got on. It’s not a pass or fail process. If you don’t manage to save anything one month, you look for ways to improve next month and so on. Each month you are getting better and better at managing your money.

If the above sounds like hard work, you can try a banking app. These apps, free and paid for, will track all your expenditure and tell you what’s going on. Not as hands-on but better than hands-off.

Know your numbers

With an app or the Kakeibo method, you should know where it is going.

But do you know how much is coming in and from where?

  • Are you getting the right amount?
  • How much tax are you paying?
  • What other deductions are happening, and are they the right amount, i.e. pension?

What’s the difference between what you earn and what you spend?

Creating a gap between your income and expenditure can start the process of building savings. But it can only begin once you know what is going on.  

One way to reframe your money is to try and save first and then spend what’s left.

Do you have any debt?

Debt can be an incredible drain on your income if you carry a lot of debt, especially if it is costly.

Expensive debt is often associated with credit and store cards, car loans and payday loans. This is the type of debt; if not handled carefully can lead to serious problems.

  • How much is it in total?
  • What rates of interest are you paying
  • Are you paying the minimum needed, and could you pay more?

If you are in a debt crisis

There are a few good sources of help if you are in a debt crisis:

·       Step change

·       Money advice service

·       Christians against poverty

Can anyone help me with money
That’s a load off my shoulders

2. Do it with someone else

Another option for getting money help is a money coach / financial coach.

This is where someone will work with you to understand the role of money in your life and how you can use it to achieve what you really want.

Money coaches work with you on:

The key to working with a financial coach is they can use all their skills to help you use all your skills to make money work for you.

The coaching process is a guided process providing education, insight and guidance about your options and the potential advantages and disadvantages of various actions.

Let’s face it; not many of us have had any training or education in money. Many of us just started earning it and spending it, which was the induction.

Now is a great time to have money and achieve what you want it to for you to have a great life now and in the future.

A money coach is your financial ally helping you navigate the maze of life and money to achieve your goals.

A money coach will give you the skills and confidence to manage your own money and potentially help you create an income source from the things you love, are good at, have experience in, and someone will pay you for.

 This is creating the business of you, helping you create and build wealth for yourself.

3. Have someone do it for you

The third way you can get money is through a financial advisor.

This is where you more or less hand it over to someone else to do it all for you. Manage your money, invest your money and keep you on track.

A financial advisor is licensed to sell financial products you may need—things like mortgages, insurances and some tax-efficient savings vehicles for high earners.

Generally, financial advisors are there to support those that already have significant wealth. Many financial advisors only really work with people with at least £100k in assets.

They don’t generally work with people below this, as given the fees they need to charge, it doesn’t make it viable for them or you.

So a financial advisor is typically for people who already have significant wealth.

Who else could help me with money?

There are a number of free sources of help with money, including

Can anyone help me with money?

Just be careful about where you get any “advice” from.

Poor sources of help with money may well include

  • Your mate down the pub (when you can go again) who is actually broke themselves.
  • Youtube day/crypto/dropshipping etc. traders
  • Anyone offering to make you rich with little effort and overnight.

How can i get money right now

There are a few ways to get money right now.

You could try asking family or friends for a loan or take out a short-term loan from a bank or online lender.

Another option is to sell some of your belongings or to do odd jobs for cash.

Finally, you might consider applying for a credit card with a low-interest rate and using that card to pay off high-interest debt.

Whatever route you decide to take, be sure to do your research so that you can find the best deal possible.

Summary: Can anyone help me financially?

If you have money worries and your anxiety is growing, there are a few places where you can get help with your money.

  1. Do it yourself – get control of your spending and start planning your money.
  2. Financial coachingfind a coach that can help you manage and use your money to achieve what you want most.
  3. A financial advisor – able to help those who already have some wealth
  4. On the internet, free money services will give you more information about managing your money from day to day.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on can anyone help me with money.

Good luck out there.

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